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In the ultra-competitive corporate environment of today, most companies are looking for ways to accomplish more with fewer resources. Constant restructuring, reorganizing, and rightsizing have led to an overworked and stressed corporate workforce. To complicate matters, the fight to acquire talented and qualified individuals has become more challenging, with candidates having easy access to any company in the country through advancements in technology. These circumstances often create dire situations and unrealistic expectations for hiring managers at multiple levels throughout the organization.

Those challenges have created an opportunity for RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firms to become mission-critical partners in the advancement of your corporate objectives and the overall mission of your organization. Cornerstone RPO’s highly-engaged experts will partner with your team to create a unique, customer-focused recruiting approach that improves key metrics throughout your organization. Your talent acquisition process will transform into an efficient, seamless delivery model that supports revenue growth and provides significant return-on-investment.

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Our Services Include:

Each individual solution is created through our partnership.  In tandem with our client, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your recruiting process to identify gaps and areas for improvement.  Each client uses our expertise differently; however, our services typically fall into one of the following broad categories.

Traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our delivery team acts as your internal recruiting department for all of your career opportunities.

This solution is for organizations interested in outsourcing the end-to-end talent acquisition process within their organization.
This solution is for organizations interested in outsourcing a particular division or group within the company that requires special attention or additional bandwidth.

Project-Based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Project-based RPO
Flexible in both scope and duration.  This service is sometimes driven by an event requiring significant hiring within short timeframes.  Examples include corporate relocations, spinoffs, and new contract awards.  Cornerstone RPO works in tandem with our clients to provide seamless recruiting support during periods requiring intense hiring activity.

Recruitment Process Augmentation (RPA)

Partnering with a client’s current Human Resource or Talent Acquisition team Cornerstone RPO’s seasoned Recruiting Consultants will provide full life-cycle recruiting services on or off-site. Cornerstone RPO’s Recruitment Process Augmentation services provide our clients with additional resources to assist during times of peak hiring activity or while full-time employees are out of the office for extended periods of time.  Our Recruiting Consultants will have applicable experience and knowledge within your industry and will bring all of the tools necessary to be successful during the contract engagement.


Full Life Cycle RPA
Partnering with a client’s current Human Resource or Talent Acquisition team, Cornerstone RPO’s seasoned Recruiting Consultants will provide full life-cycle recruiting services on or off-site.
Candidate Sourcing Support
Augmenting a client’s recruiting team, CRPO’s Candidate Sourcing Support delivers pipelines of viable candidates to our clients. Working on or off-site, candidate sourcing is ideal for clients with a strong internal recruiting staff that needs to achieve higher candidate volume. 
Recruiting Coordinating
CRPO’s Recruiting Coordinators help facilitate administrative recruiting tasks including scheduling interviews, maintaining metrics, conducting initial phone screens and assisting in the on boarding and orientation process.
Advice to Generations Y & Z

Advice to Generations Y & Z

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Interview Advice to Generations Y & Z

Interview Advice to Generations Y & Z

In this technology driven world we live in, we need to remember the basics of interviewing. First, the most important thing you can do before an interview is to put your phone on silent and then turn it off. It is recommended that you entirely shut down your phone...

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Resume Basics

Resume Basics

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