Consultant Spotlight

Jerry Broitzman

Jerry Broitzman

Recruiting Background/What you enjoy about recruiting?  I have been recruiting for 20+ years, mostly in the IT space, but also in mechanical engineering, marketing & creative, food science and others. I enjoy the “detective” work involved in finding the best match for the client and talent. When they come together, it is like hitting a home run. The feeling is indescribable. It is a good feeling to know that my efforts have improved the lives of all those involved.

Greatest (or most recent) professional success: My most recent success was with CRPO, servicing SolarWinds, a software development company. The original intent was to help out for a few months, as they were a new client. This engagement lasted 18 months. During this time, I partnered with their CIO to fill a long list of IT positions in a short period of time. This put them in a very favorable competitive position. I was able to make similar contributions in other departments as well. Overall, it was a very exciting engagement.

Unique talents/interests: I am part of a local chapter of Rotary International, which is a global group of 1.4 million people who unite and take action to create lasting change in our communities. Our projects range from helping eradicate polio from the planet to packing boxes for food shelters. I have also recently taken up golf. I now understand why so many people get obsessed with it! The most frustrating game that you will every love. Stay tuned for my golfing adventures.