A college freshmen’s biggest question is what they should major in. What should they do with their life? Who do they want to become? Recruiters at Cornerstone RPO share their personal insight about what jobs are available and what to major in for a job in the future.

To start, it is important to know what not to major in. Many recruiters recommend staying away from Psychology and Communication majors. These majors are too un-specific. Any major that you are going for, make it specialized such as Business Management with an emphasis on Marketing or Anesthesiology. Additionally, recruiters recommend
not becoming a medical assistant. Because of the Affordable Care Act, many hospitals are removing medical assistants from their staff.

Now to majors that recruiters recommend. The science field is a great major as long as you go specific and specialized. Because of the continual technology growth, science majors are finding themselves with plenty of work. Along with the technology, engineering majors also have job security. Nursing is also recommended. The world will always be in need of health care so this is also a safe major. Business is a good major as long as you go specialized. A general business degree is not as valuable as one that has a specialization. Use your minor as a way to specialize in something pertaining to your major. A specialization tells a company that you have the knowledge pertaining to that certain area and can succeed in that area. Education is a popular major but recruiters recommend staying with the English, Science, and Math fields. The 21st century is full of amazing technologies and as a result, teachers may eventually be replaced by computer programs. English, Science, and Math are subjects that need a teacher instead of a computer.

The field that recruiters rave about the most is Information Technology (IT). This field changes every day as new technologies come out and adapt to our everyday lives. IT majors can find themselves receiving multiple calls per day to come and interview for a new role. Recruiters state that there are about five or six jobs available for every one IT major. Finding a job should not be an issue with an IT major. Become familiar and gain experience working with JAVA, iOS, Android, etc. and you will find yourself in a world with valuable job offers.

For anything that you major in, ensure that you have a specialization in something and not just a general degree. Not only will this help you find a job, but you will have the educational background that will help you to succeed in that job.