A definition for the abbreviations at Cornerstone RPO

To begin, we will start with RPO. RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This is when Cornerstone RPO (CRPO) fills the role of a company’s HR department. This then leads to the question of what HR stands for. HR is the abbreviation for Human Resources. Human Resources is a group of people who make up a department within a company. Cornerstone RPO then works to pull talents or candidates for the available positions within a company. The talents or candidates are anyone who is qualified for the position. A recruiter for Cornerstone RPO will ask the candidates for a “req” or requisition.   A bill rate and pay rate is discussed with the company that CRPO is working with. The bill rate is what the company will pay CRPO for its recruiting services. The pay rate is what the candidate who is offered the open position will get paid. During this process, many pings are sent. A ping is any form of communication between two or more people including a phone call, email, etc. There you go! Now you’re in the know!