In this technology driven world we live in, we need to remember the basics of interviewing.

First, the most important thing you can do before an interview is to put your phone on silent and then turn it off. It is recommended that you entirely shut down your phone because weather alerts and various warnings can still sound an alarm on your “silent” phone. The last thing you want is for your phone to go off during an interview so just turn off the phone.

Although paper may be becoming a thing of the past, bring a paper copy of your resume. Keep the resume in a folder to keep it from getting wrinkled or ripped. Bringing in a paper resume will not only give the interviewer something to look at, but it gives off the impression that you are prepared and organized.

How you present yourself at an interview is one of the most important pieces of the interview process. Dress up. It is always recommended that you wear a suit. If you know that the company you are interviewing with has a casual dress code, dress a little more formal than they do. Additionally, there should be no visible tattoos during the interviewing process. Many interviewers will not find the tattoos to be appropriate for the workplace. Once you have the job, the tattoos are probably just fine for work, although it is a good idea to ask your manager beforehand.

Although very simple, these basic interviewing rules could be the difference between landing the job and getting denied.