Recruiting and hiring can be a challenging and overwhelming process. Cornerstone RPO’s goal is to help companies succeed, not just survive. No matter what the situation, Cornerstone RPO (CRPO) has a solution.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows for CRPO recruiters to act as the internal recruiting department. Within the RPO, there are many options for businesses. The Enterprise system is a complete outsourcing of the recruiting system. This means that the entire recruiting department will be ran by CRPO. The Division/Group system is a partial outsourcing of the recruiting system. A company’s internal recruiting system will still recruit, but CRPO will come and help to manage certain departments of the recruiting system. Project Based is for companies who need to fill a certain amount of positions, have a certain amount of time, and a certain budget they need to keep.

Recruitment Process Augmentation (RPA) also has 3 different variations. The Full Life Cycle RPA means that CRPO’s trained professionals will partner together with a company’s HR and create a full life cycle recruiting system. Candidate Sourcing Support is for businesses with a large HR but need some assistance from CRPO while they are working with a larger volume of work. Recruiting Coordinating is help in the initial stages of the recruiting process such as scheduling and orientation.

List Generation is a tool that Cornerstone RPO has that generates a list that is more detailed and effective than what you can find online. Plus, it is fast. Results are generated quickly and effectively.

Cornerstone RPO is whatever solution the client needs. The plans above can be modified to fit the client’s needs.