Cornerstone RPO offers recruiting solutions for all companies. Unlike other RPO firms, CRPO focuses on quality instead of quantity. CRPO puts their efforts into finding talent that not only fits the job, but will succeed within the job. Recruiters from CRPO will come and join with a company’s HR department or they can work offsite at CRPO’s office. As a result, Cornerstone RPO has worked with Google, Capital One, and others.

Additionally, Cornerstone RPO offers a different culture than most RPO firms. CRPO is less of a corporate environment and more of a small business environment in that recruiters sit with the principals of the company. This allows for better quality of work when the principals can assist recruiters in their decisions. While other companies would leave the project site once the task is completed, CRPO will stay and ensure that everything for the company and new hires is going smoothly. Cornerstone RPO believes that the job is not finished once the candidate is hired. The happiness of the company and new hires are important to CRPO.

Cornerstone RPO offers “recruiting solutions to help companies succeed, not simply survive”.